Friday, January 30, 2009

Beauty Area

MAGIC Hair Curler, RM12 SOLD
- 6 pcs in a package
- Hair curler balls from Japan popular princess look
- Quick ways to bouncy curly hair
- Easy to use, easy to sleep on
- Automatically lock in place, no pins no clips needed
- Comfortable, miracle, soft and last long
- These are hair curler balls made in Japan and designed for people who like convenience
- The ball is made of sponge so it is very light and easy to be carried around with you

- Put on the hair curlers after washing your hair and you can even sleep with it and it will be set with natural looking curls the next day
- Or spray a little water and curl hair with sponge curlers, blow dry with hair dryer on low heat for about 15-20 minutes and remove sponge curlers
- It's recommended to use with hair spray and make sure you have set the style while you use the balls
- After that, you could use a hair dryer
- Used it overnight looks more curly

Magic Fringe Holder Sheets,RM3
- Pls state color blue or black
- 2 sheets in a pack
- Unlike the traditional hair clips, the tiny velcro-like hooks of the sheet grip your fringe and hold it in place without leaving any unsightly dents or marks on your hair.
- This sheet can be used to keep hair out of your face whenever you are washing your face, applying make-up or skincare without messing up your hair
- compact, lightweight, easy to carry around

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Calorie Off Fat Buster

Q: How does it works?
A:This is the hot popular slimming products recomended by Japan Mag, Vivi and Taiwan tv show 女人我最大. It actually made from Plant Fiber for tighten effect, which will correct the way you walk, require to burn more calorie then normal walking. In the same time, it massages to burn calorie as well.

Japan Piggy Fat Buster Calorie Off Stocking(60 den) RM46
New design to fit body.
With denier to tighten thigh, buttock, and waist.
Length: Up to knee
407kcal ideal calories burned by wearing it and walking for 60 mins.

Japan Piggy Fat Buster stocking (short, black) RM46
Burn up to 399kcal per hour by walking.
Made in Japan with natural plantation fiber to tighten. Be trendy and fashionable to mix match your outfit with cross check pattern.
Material: Thick, with cotton
Length: 22-25 cm

SUPER Japan Piggy Fat Buster Long Stocking (60denier, Nude) RM55
size: M-L (height: 150-165cm, hip: 85-98cm )
60denier: density pressure.
Highly recommended by Taiwan TV show and Magazine
Burn off 416kcal/hr for 60 mins walk
the wavy design of the fabric is great for slimming through massage

All the above are direct from JAPAN..

Calories Off Fat Buster Q&A
Q: How does Calorie Off Fat Buster Stocking works?
A: This is a stocking/sock made from plant fiber for tighten effect with pressure, which requires to burn more calories. Its different pressured wave weaving design is made to control varicose veins and massaging to your body. It may contains Germanium, titanium, silver, capsicum extracts to control water retention, and avoid varicose veins.

Q: Does it really works in slimming?
A: It is very obvious result for person who lack of mucles at leg because the tightness of this stocking will lift it up. It helps to improve the lines of your leg. Wear it during sport/workout for more calories burn.

Q: What is the material?
A: Elastic fiber, nylon

Q: Suitable for?
A: Long hours standing, walking, sitting. Pear-shape body.

Q: When do I wash it?
A: It is recomended hand-wash with mild detergent will do, as less as possible. Maybe fornightly if you wear it everyday.

Q: What is the thickness when it is thick? See through?
A: For the 60denier onwards, it is not see-through.

Q: Why there is 60, 70, 80 denier? What is it? How it works?
A: Denier is the textile density, the higher denier the thickness and more tight. But it doesn't mean more denier is better in function, the burning calorie function depend on the design of the stocking.

Q: For the arm wrap and thigh wrap, do they come in pairs?
A: Yes, they come in pairs.

Q: Can i know about this product's feedback?
A: Sorry, I don't keep records for all the feedback. According to what I have received, the stocking really comfortable and effective. :)

Q: How long should I wear it?
A: Recomend to wear 6-8 hours per day, anytime, except sleeping. Sleep is for relax, should not have any tight garments on you.

Q: Why is there piggy picture? What does it mean?
A: No offense to all muslim, this product does not contains any animal material. The piggy picture is just a cartoon/logo, in fact it is anti-piggy picture. ::peace::

2009 New Stock-Lady Wear

7088 Orange Sweater, RM50 NOW45

6057 Black Short Jacket, RM68 NOW55 ( SOLD)
Size S:肩宽38胸围86衣长48袖长46腰围76

7029, 半开襟设计线衫 Black Cardigan, RM60 (SOLD)
Material:30%Nylon; 70%cotton

7055 White, RM 60 - SOLD
较大弹性:衣长53 腰围68

3002 Shirt, RM40 NOW32
Free Size
Colour:red (SOLD) , black , yellow , purple , green , blue

3001 Shirt RM40 NOW32
Free Size
Colour: pink (SOLD), black , purple (SOLD) , blue (SOLD) , brown

5115 泡泡袖经典设计小上衣 Bubble Top, RM40 NOW32
Free Size
Colour: Black, Green (SOLD)
Material : Chiffon
Shoulder Length : 36cm
Bust : 85cm
Clothes Length : 71cm
Weight : 150gm

7025 Green Cardigan, RM55 NOW43
Material : 30% Nylon 70% Cotton
Size : Free
Clothes Length : 45cm
Sleeve Length : 65cm

6170 圆彩珠简约连衣裙 Black Dress, RM45 SOLD
Material : Flash Wrinkle
Shoulder Length : 36cm
Bust : 85cm
Clothes Length : 88cm
Weight : 200gm

6053 韩版胸前襟荷叶花型小衫 White Jacket, RM55 NOW43 (SOLD)
Material : 90% Polyester 10% Silk
Size M
Shoulder Length : 37cm
Bust : 86cm
Sleeve Length : 57cm
Waist : 76cm

6011 Short Jacket, RM55 NOW44
Size M胸围91衣长50袖长31

5110 双色搭亮花边小上衣, RM40 NOW32
Colour: White and Green
Material : Stretch Silk + Flash Wrinkle
Shoulder Length : 36cm
Bust : 85cm
Clothes Length : 61cm
Weight : 100gm