Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hermippe Portable Wrinkle Care Massager

Do you still use your hands to apply cosmetic?  Feel the absorption with your own skin! No Switch at all and Super Easy to use! 

Super Easy to Use! No switch at all!

Price: RM200

Hermippe Wrinkle Care is the total massager to help skincare penetrate deeper into your skin is here!  
It has a remarkable effect on your wrinkles when used with anti-wrinkle care products.  It has a conveniently shaped massage head for easy application to the facial contours around the eyes, nose and mouth.  

This product automatically operates when the massage head comes in contact with the skin surface. It will adjust automatically to your skin conditions and the amount of skincare applied.  

Special Features
1. Wrinkle & Nutrition Care (Ion Induction effect)
2. Vibration Massage Effect (Physical induction effect using minute vibration)
3. The masagge head is specially designed for wrinkle areas around eyes, mouth & nose.
4. A compact size (10cm) to accompany your cosmetics.
A strong vibration is generated for a large amount of skincare. As the effective ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin, the intensity of vibration gradually becomes weaker and will automatically ceases when the applied cream is fully absorbed into the skin.

Attention:- For hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of products under any circumstances unless defective upon opening.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Newbury Continental Wallet RM280 ~ SOLD OUT

Exquisitely crafted in rich textured leather, the Newbury wallet features a slim, sophisticated continental silhouette to effortlessly store belongings.

Polished metal "Lauren Ralph Lauren"-embossed plaque accents the front.

Full-zip pocket lined in woven cotton twill at the exterior back.
Single interior snap closure opens to reveal four full currency pockets with room for a checkbook, ID window and ten card slots.
Lined in woven cotton twill and finished with a metallic embossed "Lauren Ralph Lauren" at the interior.
3 3/4" H x 7" L x 1/2" D. Leather. Imported.


Red -Available

Ralph Lauren Newbury Envelope Card Case RM110

Featuring an elegant look that pairs perfectly with any purse, the card case is designed in textured leather with a cotton twill lining.

Envelope closure with embossed signature on the flap.
No interior pockets.
4" x 2½".
Leather. Imported.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bank Pouch (BP) Merk MERCY

Brand: MERCY Bank Pouch (ALL SOLD OUT)
Price: RM50

Updated stock as of 10 Dec 2012

Colour: Coffee Green (SOLD OUT), Black red
(SOLD OUT), Cream Orange (SOLD OUT)

Material : D300 (its a kind of polyester fibers finer tp)
Dimensions: 18 x 11.5 x 4.5 cm

-3 hp pockets : 1hp large & 2 small hp
-3 Bulkhead multi-functional: can be for money, saving books, passports, receipts, notes, etc.
-10 Places the card: can be for credit cards, member cards, employees' social security card, tax ID cards, student cards, etc.

Black Red (Last pcs)

Cream Orange (Last pcs)

D'renbellony Car Seat Organzier (CSO)

Along with the increases in activity, resulting in a higher level of mobility.

Cars, has become a "second home" for most people, especially for us who live in big cities whose traffic jams and the distance the house with the activity so far.

As a result the car so messy, sometimes even lost because of misplaced items in the car or even damaged trampled under.

Another one from D'renbellony Another one from D'renbellony


D'renbellony help us organize all of it and minimize the clutter in our cars.

Food, beverages, tissue, umbrellas, books, magazines, CDs / film, paper / notebook for notes, pen, vitamins, oil, wind, hand cleaners, baby toys to baby in the car does not get bored, sandals / shoes back if we want to places where the atmosphere does not match the shoes / sandals are we going to wear well ordered.

One more Value Plus D'renbellony CSO ..

CSO-Front D'renbellony provide a small pad of waterproof material, to protect car seats from stains when we carry goods that are at risk of littering our car seat .. or maybe even to the base when we sit under our clothes wet / dirty so that is not on seat car.

So.. So .. Must Have ! Must Have!

CAR SEAT ORGANIZER (CSO) by D'renbellony Creative Bag Organizer

CSO-Front 49 cm x 40 cm, weight 400 grams
- For the front / mounted behind the front seats
- Can be used for all types of cars

- Posted at Sun Visor (shade to avoid the glare of sunlight)
- To 8 CDs
- Place notes / other, business cards, member cards parking, parking money, pen

Updated stock as of 18 Feb 2014

Price: RM75

Colour: Brown , Black
(SOLD OUT ) and Red

LV Neverfull MM and GM Bag Organizer

- Hand Made with Lightweight Nylon from Korea
- Material is liquid proof to prevent staining
- Size customized for LV Neverfull MM & GM
- Zipper closure for privacy & added security
- prevent pick pockets
- No wastage of space, will fit nicely onto bag base
- Useful partition for pen, handphone & small items
- Inner zipper pocket for valuables
- D-Ring for keys
- Come with handles, switch your bag in seconds

For Neverfull GM Organizer, there's an additional slot for Laptop & Documents. it's a Macbook 13" in this picture.


* Neverfull MM - Base 10” x 5” Height 8.5”
* Neverfull GM - Base 14” x 6” Height 9.5”

Updated stock as of 10 Dec 2012  

* Neverfull MM - RM48
* Neverfull GM - RM55

* Red - Neverfull MM & GM
* Brown - Neverfull MM


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LV Speedy 30 and 35 Bag Organizer

Let the dogs do the digging and keep your stuff in place with this bag organizer. Now, looking for your things inside your bag has never been easy and time saving.

Ink and Liquid Spills can be a disaster to the interior of the bags, worry no more as this bag organizer is liquid proof.

With 7 pockets: 2 mesh, 1 open, 1 zippered pockets horizontally. 2 open and 1 close pockets vertically with 3 pen slots with two partition vertically.

Open top cover for easy access.

Can be used with other bags, switching everyday is now a hassle free

Updated stock as of 10 Dec 2012

Measurements :
* Speedy 30 - Base 11” x 5” Height 5"
* Speedy 35 - Base 12.5” x 6” Height 6”

* Speedy 30 - RM40
* Speedy 35 - RM48

* Red ~ SOLD OUT
* Brown ~ SOLD OUT

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mercy Cable Pouch Organizer (MCPO)

Nowadays a lot of electronic equipment can be connected to each other, such as digital cameras, computers, cellphones, etc., so a lot of data cables.
With the "Cable Pouch Organizer by Mercy" cables can be stored neatly and in-love's name, eg: data cable for Nintendo / PS, hands-free BB / I-phones, digital cameras, etc..

Equipped with a small disposable zipper pockets for storing memory cards or SIM cards, and a small bag (no zipper) to store the USB and other small accessories, or used to slip the cable name record.

Technical Details:

* Holds cables, cords, wires and adapters for microphones, USB, and other accessories
* Built in 5 zippered slots for memory cards and 5 slots for small accessories (or can be used to insert the paper to name the cables)
* Clear front window
* Carrying handle
* Easily fits into laptop bags

Product Details:

~ Size: 14.5 x 24.5 x 3 cm

~ Weight: 160 grams
~ Material: D300, PVC sheet, Elastic band

Updated stock as of 16 Jan 2013

Price: RM55

Colors: Black (SOLD OUT), Red (SOLD OUT),Dark Blue (SOLD OUT),Magenta





Underwear Case Organizer (UCO)

Updated stock as of 10 Dec 2012

D'renbellony Gadgets Charger Organizer (GCO)

Gadgets have always been our friends throughout the day. Perhaps arguably we can no longer be separated from our gadget stuff.
Every day we always need at least one, including GSM / CDMA usual, HP smart phones like the Blackberry and I-phones, I-pad or Digital Camera Samsung Galaxy as well.

When a gadget charger low bat, we confused. Charger must slalu standby or even we carry around, also cable data often must be prepared to move data from one gadget to another gadget.

The more gadgets we're getting a lot of charger you have, then we will be more confused set it, whether at home, at work, in a bag / suitcase when traveling. If not set it separately, the cables will be interconnected and complicated when we want to take one of them, especially if the charger / data cable misplaced / forgot where the last place because we have no special storage charger / cable so that we find difficult time of need, situation would be very inconvenient and a waste of time.

D'renbellony .. Make your Life Easier
presents for your users Gadget!

Updated stock as of 30 Jan 2013

Price: RM60


Black Grey ~ OUT OF STOCK
Black Magenta ~ OUT OF STOCK
Brown Orange ~ OUT OF STOCK
Magenta Grey ~ OUT OF STOCK
Purple ~ OUT OF STOCK 
Red Brown ~ OUT OF STOCK







Baby Tidy Bag (BTB)

Baby tidy Bag (BTB ) - Smaller size Diaper Bag Organizer

Smaller size of Baby Bag Organizer for who using Small Diaper Bag.

Use this in the car, bathroom, classroom or personal spaces where you want everything to be easily at hand.

This Tidy Bag can organize your toiletries, art materials, school supplies, feeding bottles, garden tools, beach and vacation accessories and more.

Price: RM35

2 Design: BTB Army & BTB Koran

Dimension: 23x23x15cms

Updated stock as of 16 Jan 2013 ( ALL SOLD OUT ) 

Side View

Top View

Back View

Top View for Empty BTB Army


Top View for Empty BTB Koran