Friday, March 2, 2012

D'renbellony Car Seat Organzier (CSO)

Along with the increases in activity, resulting in a higher level of mobility.

Cars, has become a "second home" for most people, especially for us who live in big cities whose traffic jams and the distance the house with the activity so far.

As a result the car so messy, sometimes even lost because of misplaced items in the car or even damaged trampled under.

Another one from D'renbellony Another one from D'renbellony


D'renbellony help us organize all of it and minimize the clutter in our cars.

Food, beverages, tissue, umbrellas, books, magazines, CDs / film, paper / notebook for notes, pen, vitamins, oil, wind, hand cleaners, baby toys to baby in the car does not get bored, sandals / shoes back if we want to places where the atmosphere does not match the shoes / sandals are we going to wear well ordered.

One more Value Plus D'renbellony CSO ..

CSO-Front D'renbellony provide a small pad of waterproof material, to protect car seats from stains when we carry goods that are at risk of littering our car seat .. or maybe even to the base when we sit under our clothes wet / dirty so that is not on seat car.

So.. So .. Must Have ! Must Have!

CAR SEAT ORGANIZER (CSO) by D'renbellony Creative Bag Organizer

CSO-Front 49 cm x 40 cm, weight 400 grams
- For the front / mounted behind the front seats
- Can be used for all types of cars

- Posted at Sun Visor (shade to avoid the glare of sunlight)
- To 8 CDs
- Place notes / other, business cards, member cards parking, parking money, pen

Updated stock as of 18 Feb 2014

Price: RM75

Colour: Brown , Black
(SOLD OUT ) and Red

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