Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hermippe Portable Wrinkle Care Massager

Do you still use your hands to apply cosmetic?  Feel the absorption with your own skin! No Switch at all and Super Easy to use! 

Super Easy to Use! No switch at all!

Price: RM200

Hermippe Wrinkle Care is the total massager to help skincare penetrate deeper into your skin is here!  
It has a remarkable effect on your wrinkles when used with anti-wrinkle care products.  It has a conveniently shaped massage head for easy application to the facial contours around the eyes, nose and mouth.  

This product automatically operates when the massage head comes in contact with the skin surface. It will adjust automatically to your skin conditions and the amount of skincare applied.  

Special Features
1. Wrinkle & Nutrition Care (Ion Induction effect)
2. Vibration Massage Effect (Physical induction effect using minute vibration)
3. The masagge head is specially designed for wrinkle areas around eyes, mouth & nose.
4. A compact size (10cm) to accompany your cosmetics.
A strong vibration is generated for a large amount of skincare. As the effective ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin, the intensity of vibration gradually becomes weaker and will automatically ceases when the applied cream is fully absorbed into the skin.

Attention:- For hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of products under any circumstances unless defective upon opening.


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  1. Interesting, as every women is concern about their beauty specially finding the way for how to look younger as ever.