Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LV Speedy 30 and 35 Bag Organizer

Let the dogs do the digging and keep your stuff in place with this bag organizer. Now, looking for your things inside your bag has never been easy and time saving.

Ink and Liquid Spills can be a disaster to the interior of the bags, worry no more as this bag organizer is liquid proof.

With 7 pockets: 2 mesh, 1 open, 1 zippered pockets horizontally. 2 open and 1 close pockets vertically with 3 pen slots with two partition vertically.

Open top cover for easy access.

Can be used with other bags, switching everyday is now a hassle free

Updated stock as of 10 Dec 2012

Measurements :
* Speedy 30 - Base 11” x 5” Height 5"
* Speedy 35 - Base 12.5” x 6” Height 6”

* Speedy 30 - RM40
* Speedy 35 - RM48

* Red ~ SOLD OUT
* Brown ~ SOLD OUT


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  2. Do u still have stock for speedy 30 brown ?

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