Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mercy Cable Pouch Organizer (MCPO)

Nowadays a lot of electronic equipment can be connected to each other, such as digital cameras, computers, cellphones, etc., so a lot of data cables.
With the "Cable Pouch Organizer by Mercy" cables can be stored neatly and in-love's name, eg: data cable for Nintendo / PS, hands-free BB / I-phones, digital cameras, etc..

Equipped with a small disposable zipper pockets for storing memory cards or SIM cards, and a small bag (no zipper) to store the USB and other small accessories, or used to slip the cable name record.

Technical Details:

* Holds cables, cords, wires and adapters for microphones, USB, and other accessories
* Built in 5 zippered slots for memory cards and 5 slots for small accessories (or can be used to insert the paper to name the cables)
* Clear front window
* Carrying handle
* Easily fits into laptop bags

Product Details:

~ Size: 14.5 x 24.5 x 3 cm

~ Weight: 160 grams
~ Material: D300, PVC sheet, Elastic band

Updated stock as of 16 Jan 2013

Price: RM55

Colors: Black (SOLD OUT), Red (SOLD OUT),Dark Blue (SOLD OUT),Magenta





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