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Angel Foot Mask

Price: RM38 per pairs ( ALL SOLD OUT )

Lets ANGEL Bring Back Your Subtle Feet!!!
When your body and face are taking good care, do you remember to take good care of you feet? Thicker or cracked feet calluses may cause discomforts and pain; moreover it is unhygienic and unpleasing to the eyes. Making-up should be included throughout the face, body and even feet. In order to wear beautiful and sexy shoes, it is fundamental to take good care of your feet, never making your glamour flawed by coarse feet.

The out dated way to remove feet calluses takes lots of time. Some people use scissors or cuter to remove them, which is not only inefficient but also potentially harmful to feet. With this we’ve successfully developed the easiest way to remove dead skin of your foot by using Angel Foot Mask. Angel Foot Mask can remove dead skin of your feet, toes, ankles and the upper surface of your feet which pedicure can’t do that. Even though you’re busy, you still can professionally clear the dead skin of your feet at anytime and anywhere by using Angel Foot Mask!

Why we want to use foot mask?
Most of the women normally go nail salon to clean their foot’s dead skin or they will use some tools to clean it by them self. Normally nail salon cant 100% helps you clean all your dead skin, example: the skin between and top of your leg finger, which can see obviously when you're wearing slippers. Futhermore, our toes might be get infection if the nail tools did not sterilize.

Nail Salon apply the cream in order to make the dead skin softer before help you to peel off. During the process will feel uncomfortable sometime will feel pain; actually if we peel off the foot skin in the wrong way will hurt our foot and cause skin become thicker. So, use the right way apply the Angel Foot mask, dead skin will peeled off automatically naturally and safely.

Who must use?
-House wife, because of they stay in the kitchen for long period, so their leg will look yellowish and have thick dead skin.
-Men who have no time or feel shy to go nail salon take care of their foot.
-Office ladies who always wear high heel and cause skin become rough, sometime easy to break the silk stockings.
-For those who wish own a baby foot like me! tongue.gif

Water, PEG-40 Hydogenated Castor Oil, Butylene Glycol, PPG-450, Carrageenan Extract, Ivy Extract, Lemon Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, White Willowbark, Cucumber Extract, Chamomile Extract and so on, it has moisturize function.

How to use it?
1st Step: wash your foot with water, after that dry it up.
2nd Step: fixing your foot into Angel Foot Mask, tear off the cellophane tap and stick together so that your feet won’t come out. Then, wear socks to make sure the mask stick near with foot (won't come out easily), after that leave it for 90-120 minutes and rinse well.
3rd step: clean up your foot with water and dry it up. Then wait after 3-4days, the dead skin will start peel off.
Remember, don’t use it if you foot have wound! After 3-5 days, your foot skin will peel off. After the skin finishing peeling off, your foot will become smooth and soft!

What I feel during the process are:
- Its wont stimulate foot skin.
- You will not feel pain during the period foot skin peeling off, because only dead skin but not healthy skin will peel off.
- It is no side effect.
So stop buying those tools to peel off your foot skin. Now use the right way to clean your dead skin by using Angel Foot to make your foot look and feel like baby fair, soft and smooth.

1. Wear socks when you use Angel Foot Mask, so that you can walk easily or do other things.
2. After used Angel Foot Mask, apply foot cream/lotion.
3. I suggest buy more in order to save the postage (share with family member, friends or colleagues), because its can keep up to 3 years.

Read carefully before you use it
PH: 3.5
Purpose: Clean foot’s dead skin; moisture foot’s skin.

1. For skin sensitive users, before use it takes some essence and applies on the instep then leave it for 2 hours. After that use water clean it; if got feel itchy or have rash, please stop using it. NOT encourage for skin sensitive user with fruit acid (BHA).
2. If foot have wound, please wait after recovered just apply it.
3. This product not suitable for baby and children; remember put on the place which cannot reach by them.
4. Once tear off the mask must use it immediately; ANGEL FOOT only one time use product.
5. Starting first few times apply it every 3-4weeks; and following depends on the foot’s dead skin grow just decide when to apply the mask.
6. Different person will have different result; it’s depends on the situation of foot’s dead skin.

Before and After

Safe to Use!
Taiwan Registered Patent No. M306855
Passed the Taiwan & US Inspection
Passed SGS Inspection
Japan Product Registration No.3128528

With exclusive "silk cultivation technique of light," made
In order to create feather 100% cotton flannel tales of film, especially to obtain an exclusive license from abroad in the world's first "satin light support operation", the detailed manufacturing techniques can be 100% of the lint essence, the full implication in one piece membrane into cloth.

"Satin light cultivation technique" refining process:
Step 1 - lint extraction
By washing, boiling, filtering and other more refined procedures to remove impurities in natural cotton, lint extract the essence of which, as a feather and subject to 100% cotton flannel membrane material.

Step 2 - the essence of liquefaction project

Use special technology to extract liquid of lint, lint form viscous liquid, to avoid damage during the height of lint flexibility and scalability essential and retain hundred percent natural ingredients.

Step 3 - create a sense of light silk weave
Unique silk funnel devices, cotton woven into the mesh down into liquid, and the use of fibers and their adhesion combined gravity of its fine organization, the process does not use any adhesive agent, to create a shiny silk like texture.

Step 4 - create works satin pressure
Will be woven into the silk fibers to create pressure, after washing, drying and other procedures, to form a continuous filament composed of satin cloth membrane.

Step 5 - satin light plastic technology

Satin fabric in a special machine to cut plastic membrane to form the feather has a smooth satin silk thread 100% cotton flannel film.

Applicator hundred percent natural
Within a cotton ball containing cotton fibers and 4-7 in the cotton seed, most of which cotton fibers of different length, thick varying degrees, only attached to cotton fibers in cotton seeds around is the quality of the most sophisticated part. Flannel from this film that is the essence of the higher lint made of hundred percent natural ingredients, so that when you use too close to a hundred percent natural.

Design of all-round zero-defects
Hundred percent of the silk to create beautiful skin
Zero close obedient, firmly grasp the skin line

Able to cope with changes in skin texture cloth membrane, can serve to maintain the essence into every pore. Feather silk detailed excellent ductility, good process flexibility, good quality of fine cloth thin film can be the perfect obedient living skin lines everywhere, even in joints, such as the turning point is difficult to take care of the place, feather silk thread can be firmly affixed service, intimate care.

Ultra-gloss transparent hydrated, maintenance effect immediately presented
As the High lint fine texture, let feather silk thread in the absorption of essential maintenance, it can present a crystal clear slightest light, external application on the skin when hydrated can also maintain the ultra-transparent gloss, brought not only light Enjoy great ventilation, but also lets you immediately see the effect of maintenance.

Static design can be easily attached without the use of the more comfortable
Feather silk thread on the manufacturing process are used in special technical processing, a unique non-static design, the paste and remove the cloth membrane process, are able to avoid discomfort caused by static friction, even if the need to adjust the mask position, feather silk thread can also give you unprecedented comfort.

Lint excellent absorbent material, so that a small amount of liquid to play a major benefit of maintenance
Lint essence itself of the special organization can absorb 13 times the weight of water. So just use a small amount of maintenance liquid, feather silk thread can complete its lock in which the ability to be superior; the essence of fine silk velveteen feel will help the maintenance of the essence in full effect when the release of Sticking, quickly transported to the basal layer, allowing you the most economical conditions, can achieve the most luxurious and maintenance effects.

Hundred percent custom high-quality fabric of your film
To develop a technique exclusive satin light is made of non-migratory by SGS test fluorescent material, and to obtain environmental certification, full of natural ingredients feather silk thread cotton flannel film, with the highest quality silk texture and excellent quality, In skin care and maintenance of both the concept of environmental consciousness will continue in the wave of the future, a unique product advantage will allow birds and subject to 100% cotton flannel film is full of limitless potentialities.

Why Must Choose ANGEL FOOT??

Frequent Ask Questions:
Q: Will it immediately peel off the skin?
A: No, it takes 3-4 days for the foot skin to peel off

Q:Can I reuse the foot mask?
A: No, and 1 month only can use once

Q:Will we feel pain when the skin peel off?
A: No, you won't feel pain

Q:Can we see the result in just 1 day?
A: No, you can only see the result after 1 week. But you can see your foot dead skin start peeling off on 4-5 day

Q: Can I walk around when wearing the mask?
A: Yes, but please make sure you wearing stocking to cover the mask

Q: I have serious cracked heel problem, after using the mask,will it peel off all the hardened dead skin of my heel efficiently?
A: For serious/ thick dead skin, you may need to apply more than 1 time in order to clear the dead skin.

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