Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Naforye ~ Outdoor

Drink Holder
This clever drink holder is a must-have when you are on the move,providing you with a convenient place to keep baby's bottles and snippy cups, can or water bottle without worrying that it will spill everywhere.

It's made to fit almost every type of stroller - round tubing, square tubing, whatever the case may be; and it's easy to attaches over the handlebars of stroller.

Size: Free size
Color: Green (99271)/ Blue ( 99270)
Material: 100% Nylon/100% Polyester

Selling Price: RM24.90

Stroller Organizer Tote
Instead of fumbling through your purse while you are on the go, the Stroller Organizer Tote sets all of your most important items out right in front of you! Lightweight and versatile, high quality water resistant material construction and easy-close fasteners attach; it fits virtually all stroller handles.

It has a holder for feeding bottle, a pouch for cell phone and a pocket for valuables on top; and a large & expandable mesh pouch that hangs below to keep all baby's essentials. Adjustable shoulder strap secures to car seat headrest and lengthens for use as a shoulder strap; you can also carrying The Stroller Organizer Tote from your stroller or car to your home.

Size: Free size - 33cm x 34.5cm
Color: Pink (99459)/ Green ( 99460)/ Orange (99461)/ Blue (99462)
Material: Nylon

Selling Price: RM46.90

Stroller Parent Soft Tray

Almost strollers are made without a parent tray! Do you need a place to put your drink while strolling through the park? This Stroller Parent Soft Tray is designed with you in mind!

Adjustable Velcro that attaches securely to your stroller's handle bar, with two insulated cup holders and large center console to keeps your cell phone, feeding bottles, MP3 player, camera, keys and a zipped pocket for valuables. Prevent rummaging for or misplacing items while strolling and keeps everything you need right at your fingertips! It can also be used as a convenient car seat organizer.

Size: Free size - W30cm X H12.5cm X D11cm
Color: Pink (99463)/ Green ( 99464)/ Orange (99465)/ Blue (99466)
Material: Nylon

Selling Price: RM46.90

Soft Snack Tray
With so many convenient ways to use the Soft Snack Tray, it's hard to image a trip out without it! Two insulated deep pockets to accommodate sippy cups or feeding bottles and a large center pocket for snacks, its organizer holds everything baby need and we certainly can't forget the toys.

Lightweight, high quality water resistant material makes clean easily. Non-skid backing to keep soft tray from sliding on handles bars and provides two ways to attach and that fits virtually all stroller and car

Whether you're shopping, playing or just taking a walk, this versatile product will ease your traveling experiences

Size: Free size
- W33.5cm X H13.5cm X D12cm
Color: Pink (99467)/ Green ( 99468)/ Orange (99469)/ Blue (99470)
Material: Nylon

Selling Price: RM49.90

Hook & Holder

Need a place to put your latte while strolling through the mall? Or maybe your drinks while on hikes? The Hook & Holder is the perfect stroller hanger

Easy on & off Velcro attachment; Non-skid backing to keep hanger from sliding on handles bar, lightweight and versatile, it fits virtually sport and standard stroller handles. Bottles & Cups stay upright and in easy reach; mesh pocket for pacifier or cell phone and plastic-lock hook for keys, add a sturdy hook holds your diaper bags, shopping bags and more! Now everything is in order,you just go out with your baby and enjoy a fine day

Size: Free size - W10.5cm X H43.5cm X D8cm
Color: Pink (99471)/ Green ( 99472)/ Orange (99473)/ Blue (99474)
Material: Nylon

Selling Price: RM32.90

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