Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Naforye Nursery

"Up-Up Stair" -- Dining Chair Cushion for Kids

For little ones aged 6 months to 2 years.

The size of the cushion is compact and convenient to carry to anywhere. It is also easy for storage and space saving.

You can use it at any time and any place, without worrying about the availability and cleanliness of the kid’s high chairs outside. You can simply bring it along to anywhere and use it anytime you need.

Inside the cushion cover, it is finished with extra soft foam giving more comfort when your kid sits on it. The cover of the cushion is made of pure cotton; you can take it off for laundry at ease to maintain the cleanliness.

The 3D shape and the safety belt in front can hold your kid on the chair safely and comfortably. It can prevent your kid from slipping down and standing up, so it’s very convenient when feeding the kid. We strongly recommend you to dine with your kid at the dining table to let him/her learn good table manners from young, with the aid of up-up stair dining chair cushion, it makes things easier for you.

FORMALDEHYDE-FREE and AZO-FREE, safe for baby and the environment.

Size: Free size

Color: Navy/ Light Blue (99139)
Material: 100% Cotton

Selling Price: RM78.90 SOLD OUT

Keep Clean Multi-Purpose Holder

Do you feel the space in the baby room is getting invaded as you are getting more and more baby necessities? You might utilize the space on the wall, door and changing table or baby crib; to organize all of baby needs with our Multi-Purpose Holder; just hang it. Multiple pockets keep bottles upright and everything at your fingertips. That add a roomy pocket in the back to keep diapers; and very convenient for you to reach these items at anytime

Size: Free size- 55cm x 50cm
Color: Green (99274) / Blue (99275) ( SOLD OUT )
Material: 100% Nylon/Polyester

Selling Price: RM58.90

Baby Pacifier Clip

Keep track of that Pacifier with this Pacifier Clip! One side the snaps closure to attach the pacifier to keeps pacifier close and clean, the other side safety-tested clip onto baby's outfit - -so cute and so veyr handy!

Size: Free size
Color/type: Strawberry (Orange) / Apple (Blue)( SOLD OUT ) / Orange / Coke (Red) / Mushroom ( Blue)
Material: PVC/Polyester

Selling Price: RM14.90

Bottle Holder Strip

What a great way to make sure your little one doesn’t drop her bottle or toy? This colorful Bottle Holder Strip is made of friendly materials and easy to attach to anywhere.

Adjustable strip fits almost all sizes of bottle or snippy cup; and it could be used to hang baby toys as well. Lively patterns that stay bright, and look so cute - highly recommended for you and your little ones.

Size: Free size
Design: Coke (99364), Milk (99363), Mushroom (99367)
( SOLD OUT ), Soccer (99366), Basketball (99365), Strawberry (99360), Orange (99362), Apple (99361)
Material: PVC / Polyester

Selling price: RM 22.90 each

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