Friday, September 3, 2010

Magic Hair Bun Roller 神奇海绵包包-公主包包头

Japanese and Korean favorite Princess Hair Bun. Now you can have it easy in just 30 sec by using this MAGIC HAIR BUN ROLLER

PRICE: RM20 FOR 1 ; RM35 FOR 2

Material:Good quality sponge with high rebound effect. The middle coil can curl any up to 100 times.
海绵的质量非常好,就算转了100次, 海绵也不会有任何变形的 进口海绵具有高反弹效果 。用起来 头部感觉很贴适 不会扯头发之类的 盘起来后也不会觉得头皮有那种紧的崩崩的感觉.

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